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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CenterPoint Energy threatening customers with power disconnection?

They say customers receive a robocall claiming to be from the utility, threatening local residents that power will be disconnected unless a mandatory fee is paid. CenterPoint Energy and the BBB say there have been several reports of customers receiving this scam call.

What should I do if I receive a CenterPoint Energy phone call?

If you receive a similar phone call, CenterPoint Energy and the BBB suggest the following to protect yourself and your information: - Hang up and call CenterPoint Energy at 1-800-227-1376 or check your account online at to verify your account status.

How do you avoid Centerpoint utility bill scams?

The CenterPoint website lists some tips on how to avoid scammers including asking to see ID before allowing a utility worker near your home, hanging up on a possibly fraudulent call and calling the number listed on your bill, and not clicking on links sent via email or text without first calling to verify that it is legitimate.

What is the mailing address for CenterPoint Energy?

Payment Address: CenterPoint Energy, Inc. P.O. Box 4671 Houston, Texas 77210-4671 . General Correspondence: CenterPoint Energy 505 Nicollet Mall P.O. Box 59038 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55459-0038. Send an email

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