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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best CB antenna mount?

CB Antenna Mounts. 1 Firestik 3-Way CB Mount. $21.95 Our most popular CB antenna mount due to its versatility and durability 15 Reviews. 2 Adjustable Universal Hood Mount. 3 CB Ball Mount. 4 CB Molded Side Mount. 5 Firestik DM4 Dome Mount (Lug)

Why buy a CB antenna system?

This antenna bounces back when it comes in contact with low-hanging brush or other obstacles An affordable dual antenna kit install with versatile three-way mirror mounts Big-rig drivers looking for a high-quality, high-value CB antenna system should make this kit their top choice

How do you mount an antenna on a car?

Hood and Fender Antenna Mounts are one of the most popular methods to mount an antenna on a vehicle. You'll find a huge selection here at CB World! Hood/Fender mounts are typically made to utilize the vehicle hood channel and existing bolts to give a clean installation look, similar to most AM/FM antennas.

What kind of antenna does a 2007 Jeep fender mount have?

2007 + Jeep Fender Mount CB Antenna Kit - Includes a 3ft Black Fiberglass Flexable Antenna. Removable end on the cable makes it EASY to route through the firewall to the CB radio. Just add a radio listed below to complete your system. Only 3 left!

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