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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does casting networks offer?

& What services does Casting Networks Offer? Talent on the NEW Casting Networks can choose a Basic membership or can upgrade to a Premium Membership. A premium membership provides you full access to all Casting Networks has to offer: upload unlimited media and submit to any project on Casting Billboard®.

How do I create a casting networks account?

If you need to create an account (you do not have an existing Casting Networks account), select the I need to create an account button in your email invite. Click Register to create your free Casting Networks account. If you already have a Casting Networks account, you can select the I have an existing account button in your email invite.

Can I switch between different talent representative companies on casting networks?

On our new Casting Networks platform, we no longer switch profiles to different talent representative companies. Additionally, you no longer need an agency code to add a new representative to your account. To add a new agent or manager to your account, contact your new representative and have them send you an invitation to join their roster.

Why choose casting networks for Petite casting?

“Casting Networks is a vital asset for Petite Casting…Not only is Casting Networks a well established and trusted resource, their professional site sends a clear message to my clients that they are in good hands. I would highly recommend this site as your go-to for casting.” “Casting Networks has changed the way we do our business.

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