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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the status of my H-1B case?

The Department of Labor's iCERT system provides an online tool to check the case status of your PERM labor certification, Labor Condition Application (LCA for H-1B), and H-2A and H-2B Applications. You or your employer/attorney will need the iCERT number to access the system.

How do I Check my Case status online?

You only have to access USCIS’ Case Status Online directly through The Case Status Online landing page shows other quick reference online tools, such as how to change your address online, how to submit an inquiry about your case (e-Request), case processing times and how to locate a USCIS office. To check your case status using our ...

How does an employer get an H-2B certification?

In order to issue an H-2B certification to an employer, the U.S. Department of Labor (Department) must determine that: There are not sufficient U.S. workers who are qualified and who will be available to perform the temporary services or labor for which an employer desires to hire foreign workers; and

How do I file a job order for H-2B?

Job Order - The job order must be filed with the SWA serving the area of intended employment. Find SWA contacts. H-2B Application Package - The H-2B Application package can be filed electronically through the FLAG System.

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