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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two versions of a case status file memo?

Below are two versions of a case status file memo written by a fourth-semester student at the CUNY School of Law for the Economic Justice Project Lawyering Seminar. Version A represents the student’s initial draft, and Version B is a revised product.

What is a limited civil case status memo in California?

Limited Civil Case Status Memorandum (CV/E-202) is a Sacramento County Superior Court local form that tells the judge that one party is ready for trial, whether they want a jury, and how many hours they expect the trial to take.

How to view current status and history of the case?

How to. 1 a. Click here to view help video. 2 b. Enter the 16 digit alphanumeric CNR Number without any hyphen or space. 3 c. Click Search button to view current status and history of the case. 4 d. If you don't know the CNR number of the case, click on the Case Status icon on the left menu to search the case with other options like case ...

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