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Frequently Asked Questions

What is case status, and what does it mean?

Case status is used to compute time in process for each case and to determine if the case meets time standards. If a "begin" code is entered, the case management status automatically changes on the Basic and Docket screens from active/blank or completed to one of the "suspended" statuses. The case remains in a "suspended" status until an appropriate "return" code is entered. When "begin" codes are entered with no intervening "return" code, the case management status does not change.

What does open case status mean?

Case Status indicates the current processing state of your case. Open - Cases currently in process in the Copyright Office. Working - Cases that you have started but not submitted for payment (not in your Cart). In-Cart - Cases in your Cart awaiting payment (not yet submitted to the Copyright Office).

What does case disposed-statistical purposes mean?

"Disposed Statistical Purposes" is used in the court metric system to determine is the court handling cases in an efficient fashion. It is for their own statistics. It does not mean the case is closed.

What does check status mean?

status check. [′stad·əs ‚chek] (computer science) The detection of software failures and verification of programs through the use of redundant computers.

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