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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Maricopa County justice courts case records available on the website?

Maricopa County Justice Courts website case records are subject to the Arizona Supreme Court’s Records Retention Schedule for Limited Jurisdiction Courts. Availability: Due to auditing that occurs up to 24 hours after information is added to the docket, some entry modifications may occur.

How are cases and deaths counted in Maricopa County?

1. Total number of cases and deaths are cumulative since data collection started 1/22/20. Effective 8/14/20 cumulative case counts include both probable and lab-confirmed cases and include hospital and ICU admissions. Note: Maricopa County daily counts may vary slightly from state reporting due to differences in data reporting download times.

How many cases of covid-19 are there in Maricopa County?

An average of 434 cases per day were reported in Maricopa County, about the same as the average two weeks ago. Since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 1 in 8 residents have been infected, a total of 550,334 reported cases. January 2021 was the worst month for cases in Maricopa County.

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