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Frequently Asked Questions

How to check the status of a case?

2.On Clicking the Search button, the current status and entire history of the Case will be shown. 3.If you don’t know the CNR number of the case, then it can be searched by other options like Case Registration Number, Party Name, Advocate Name etc.

How to search for non-confidential cases in Indiana?

Search for non-confidential cases in Indiana courts that use the Odyssey case management system. This site replaces the original version previously available at Tell us what you think of the new site. Enter a case number, or a citation number, or a cross reference number.

How to search for a case by case number?

Case Status : Search by Case Number How to 1. Select the Case Type from the select box. 2. In the Case Number box, enter the Case Registration Number. 3. In the Year box, enter the Case Registration Year. 4. Enter the Captcha (the 5 alphanumeric characters shown on the screen) in the text box provided. 5.

How to search for orders/judgements in a case?

Select State, District and Court Complex of the Case. b. The Orders/Judgements can be searched on Party Name, Case Number, Court Number and Order Date. a. Click here to view help video b. Select state, district and court complex to display the cause list d. Select the Cause list Date from the calendar control. e.

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