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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check the status of a case before oalj?

To search information on the status of cases pending before OALJ and BALCA, use the Case Status Lookup. For more particular information, your lawyer, who likely is familiar with practice before the agency, is your best resource. If you do call the court, please have available the specific case name or docket number.

How do I check the status of my case?

Check the status of your case by entering the Case Number from your confirmation e-mail into the box below. Please enter the entire case number including leading zeroes.

Which foreign labor certification programs are available for a case status search?

The Case Status Search is available for the following foreign labor certification programs: 1 CW-1 (ETA Form 9142C) 2 H-2A (ETA Form 9142A) 3 H-2A Job Order (ETA Form 790/790A) 4 H-2B (ETA Form 9142B) 5 LCA (ETA Form 9035) 6

Can Dol provide law enforcement with evidence of a crime?

Additionally, DOL may provide law enforcement with any potential evidence of a crime found on aforementioned systems in order for them to investigate such offenses. View the status of medical and pharmacy bills submitted in your claim by logging onto ECOMP.

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