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Frequently Asked Questions

What does disposed mean in legal terms?

According to US Legal, "disposed" within a courtroom context indicates a state of finality or settlement within a court case, particularly referring to a defendant's being found not guilty of charges or being found guilty and sentenced.

What does "disposed" mean for a criminal case?

When criminal and infraction cases are considered "disposed" : This is the date on which measuring the age of a case ends. A criminal or infraction case is considered disposed only when a disposition has been entered for all charges in the case, and on the date when the last disposition is entered.

What does disposition mean in a court case?

Case disposition is a general legal term. To "dispose" of a case means to clear the case from the court's docket by reaching a resolution. According to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, a court case is disposed of in a number of ways. Parties to a case may engage in negotiations to arrive at an agreement without going to trial.

What does disposed mean in a judgment?

The term "disposed" means the case has concluded and the phrase "disposition of judgment contested" means the case has concluded after a contested trial on the merits. The language you quote suggests a judgment has been entered, but does not indicate which side prevailed.

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