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Frequently Asked Questions

What does disposed status mean in court?

Case status is -“Disposed/ Disposal/ Disposition” are words used synonymously in the legal terminology when the case proceedings are completed. The measuring of the age of case ends on the day cases are “disposed” by the learned court.

What does disposed mean in legal terms?

According to US Legal, "disposed" within a courtroom context indicates a state of finality or settlement within a court case, particularly referring to a defendant's being found not guilty of charges or being found guilty and sentenced.

What does pending case status mean?

Pending means the case isn't closed/disposed. It's up to litigants to insure their litigation gets before the judge. If you've got a lawyer, talk to your lawyer. If you don't have a lawyer, either get an agreement on the issues involved or set it for trial.

What does "disposed" mean for a criminal case?

When criminal and infraction cases are considered "disposed" : This is the date on which measuring the age of a case ends. A criminal or infraction case is considered disposed only when a disposition has been entered for all charges in the case, and on the date when the last disposition is entered.

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