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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a status court date?

Answer: A Status court date (also known as a Progress Call) is when the case is called in open court and the attorneys are required to advise the court as to the progress of the case thus far.

What does case set on status call mean in a case?

- Legal Answers - Avvo What does "Case set on status call" mean in a civil litigation case? The date has been set for November, is there also anyway of having it sooner? Ask a lawyer - it's free! A "status call" is simply a scheduled court date at which time the judge will inquire as to the status of the lawsuit.

How long does it take for a court date to set?

Judge often will set a court date shortly after some milestone is passed in a court case. Say you have 30 days to complete discovery. A judge might set a "status date" 35 days from the date to check to see if that progress was completed.

How long does it take to get a status date?

The court selects the dates of these appearances and the first such Status date (depending upon the county) usually occurs four months after the case is filed. It is not necessary for clients to be present on these court dates.

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