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Frequently Asked Questions

What is career support services?

Career Support Services (CSS) provides a variety of virtual career development workshops, along with online resources, to support you in achieving your career goals so you can do the great work we know you want to do.

What is WorkSource Seattle-King County?

Services prioritize job placements, training, and job retention, and are connected through the 45 WorkSource Seattle-King County locations. In the next year, we expect 380 people to enroll in this program, with 68% achieving employment.

What is the King County healthcare workforce program?

This program, funded by a competitive grant from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, aims to build the future healthcare workforce needed in King County as the population ages and becomes increasingly diverse.

What is the King County Apprenticeship Grant?

The local partnership’s vision is broad and deep: all high school students in King County have the opportunity to start their careers through youth apprenticeship pathways that lead to good jobs and rewarding careers. The grant supports strategy development and implementation activities through September 2022.

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