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Frequently Asked Questions

How do solar powered car ventilators work?

How Solar- vehicle Ventilators Work. Solar-powered car vents are in no danger of replacing regular air conditioning anytime soon. Air conditioning uses highly pressurized coolant to transfer heat away from a certain area, then uses a high-powered fan to blow the resulting cold air where it's desired.

How do you use the auto cool vent on a car?

Place Auto cool vent on top of window, then close window and lock up. It's solar panel uses sunlight - not the car's electrical wiring or batteries - to power the built-in fan. Fresh air is drawn in as hot, stale air vents out. Auto cool even helps to eliminate pet and tobacco odors.

How to use Auto cool solar powered vent fan?

With Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan even on the hottest days, your parked car is kept cooler and the air fresher thanks to this solar-powered vent fan. Auto cool does not work on tinted windows. It maintains a safe, comfortable temperature level for your return. Place Auto cool vent on top of window, then close window and lock up.

Can you plug a solar vent into a car battery?

To address this, some manufacturers now make solar vents that also plug into a car's 12-volt power receptacle. So, when available solar power is too weak to drive the fan's motor, the ventilator draws a small amount of electricity from your car's battery.

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