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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AutoZone sell car antenna adapters?

At AutoZone, we can work with you to help you get the right vehicle specific adapter. The connections on a stereo system or radio and antenna harness or kit are important to consider when you are determining which adapter to buy. You can also use an adapter to connect a factory antenna cable to an aftermarket antenna.

What kind of parts do we sell for car radio antennas?

We sell OEM-style and universal antennas, aftermarket antenna kits, and all of the adapters and cables you need to connect the radio in your vehicle to any antenna. In addition to these parts, you can also get all of the tools you need to work on the stereo, connect an antenna or modify an antenna connection.

What is the function of the antenna on a car?

The antenna on a vehicle serves a practical function when receiving radio transmissions. These components and other interior and exterior systems and accessories also enable car and truck owners to personalize their rides.

What is the part number for Metra 40 eu30 antenna?

Metra Antenna Cable 40-EU30 Metra Antenna Cable 40-EU30 19 99 Part#40-EU30 SKU#616636 check if this fits your vehicle check if this fits your vehicle Free In-Store or Curbside Pick Up SELECT STORE Home Delivery Standard Delivery Est. DeliverySep. 17 ADD TO CART Metra Antenna Cable 40-EU55 Metra Antenna Cable 40-EU55 19 99 Part#40-EU55 SKU#616688

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