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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I still have cloudy vision after cataract surgery?

When patients do experience symptoms after cataract surgery, they are often easily addressed by their eye doctor. This issue occurs when an opaque film grows over the sac or membrane that holds your new lens in place. This can make your vision become cloudy or blurry again, mimicking the original symptoms of cataracts.

Is a capsulectomy medically necessary?

removal of a breast implant and capsulectomy or capsulotomy is considered medically necessary for any of the following indications: 1. Breast cancer in the implanted breast or remnant, or in the contralateral breast, where implant removal is necessary to excise the breast cancer;or 2. Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma; or 3.

What to expect after laser cataract surgery?

What to Expect After Laser Cataract Surgery. While your vision should improve almost immediately after the surgery is complete, your body will still need some time to heal and adjust to the new lens. Some patients experience blurriness at first, but that will soon fade.

Is a capsulectomy necessary with explant?

Typically, a capsulectomy is preferred when the breast implant capsule is fused to the muscle or rib cage. Ultimately, the decision to remove your breast implants is a both very personal one and can be medically necessary.

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