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Frequently Asked Questions

What does capsule stand for?

Capsule(noun) a dry fruit or pod which is made up of several parts or carpels, and opens to discharge the seeds, as, the capsule of the poppy, the flax, the lily, etc. Capsule(noun) a small saucer of clay for roasting or melting samples of ores, etc.; a scorifier.

What is the difference between Pill and capsule?

A pill is a vague term that implies a medicine given by mouth. A tablet is a kind of pill. A capsule is another kind of pill. There may be some who disagree, and say a pill must be a tablet. Pharmacists and docs say capsule or tablet, specifically, usually.

What is an empty capsule made of?

The raw materials of empty capsules can generally be divided into gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules. Gelatin is a white or light yellow, translucent, micro-glossy sheet or powder that is degraded by collagen in connective tissue such as animal skin, bone, and sarcolemma.

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