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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of a posterior capsulotomy?

What Are the Risks of Posterior Capsulotomy? As with any surgery, there are possible risks and complications with posterior capsulotomy. Here are some of them: You may have a detached retina (where the tissue lifts from the back of your eye). You may see what looks like a gray curtain moving across your field of vision.

What are the most common complications of breast capsulectomy?

The most common complications of breast capsulectomy include bleeding and bruising. You might be able to return home the same day as the surgery, or you may need to spend a night in the hospital. Capsulectomy surgery removes the tough scar tissue around your breast implants known as capsular contractures.

What are the risks of YAG capsulotomy?

Greater Risks of YAG Capsulotomy Perhaps the greatest risk posed from the YAG procedure is the chance of getting a detached retina. A retinal detachment occurs about two percent of the time from the laser procedure. Alert your ophthalmologist if you have any of the symptoms that include:

What happens during a capsulectomy?

Here’s what happens during a capsulectomy: Beforehand, you’re given general anesthesia so that you’re asleep through the surgery. Your surgeon makes an incision along the scars from your original implant surgery. Your surgeon removes your implant.

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