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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capsulectomy?

A capsulectomy is excision of a capsule and, in this case, a joint capsule. The Latin derivation is capsule, meaning “the joint capsule,” and ectomy, meaning “cutting, excision.” Thus, with a capsulectomy, there is surgical excision of a portion of the joint capsule along with the soft tissue structures intricately associated with the joint.

What does the capsule have to do with cataract surgery?

When it interferes with vision, it is called a cataract and the treatment is to remove the cloudy lens. What does the capsule have to do with cataract surgery? The lens has a cellophane-like outer lining called the capsule.

What are the indications for a capsulectomy?

Besides capsular contracture, other indications for a capsulectomy include: 3 Ruptured silicone gel implants: When a tear or hole in an implant's outer silicone shell develops, allowing for the gel to leak out Capsule infection: When the area around the capsule becomes infected 10 Implant extrusion: When an implant protrudes through the skin

What is capsulotomy for dental implants?

This condition, known as capsular contracture, can result in pain, asymmetry, and other complications. In less severe cases of capsular contracture, Dr. Khorsandi may recommend capsulotomy. This procedure involves removing a portion of the capsule and/or opening up the capsule to create more space for the implant.

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