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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sub-total capsulectomy?

The sub-total capsulectomy involves the partial removal of the capsule, but only if the implant has not broken or moved. Either way, the implant will probably be removed.

Should I do a capsulectomy or capsulotomy for breast revision surgery?

When performing breast revision surgery, it is extremely important to understand when to do a capsulectomy versus capsulotomy or perform both operations at the same surgical setting. One of the most common complications after breast enhancement surgery is scar tissue formation around the implants.

What happens during a capsulectomy procedure?

During a capsulectomy procedure, the layer of scar tissue that surrounds the implant is removed using surgical techniques. The process of forming scar tissue is a normal occurrence during any implant surgery and is the natural way that your body ‘quarantines’ the foreign body.

How much does a total capsulectomy cost in BC?

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