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Frequently Asked Questions

How is elbow capsulectomy used to treat posttraumatic elbow stiffness?

The technique of elbow capsulectomy for posttraumatic elbow stiffness is often selected or modified based on individual patient factors such as (1) the presence or absence of ulnar neuropathy and (2) the intraoperative difficulty mobilizing the elbow when attempting to use a medial or lateral approach alone.

What is the normal range of flexion after elbow capsulectomy?

Open elbow capsulectomy for posttraumatic elbow stiffness restores a near-100° flexion arc on average. Second elbow releases provide limited additional motion in most patients.

When is open capsulotomy indicated in the treatment of ulnar neuropathy?

Open capsulotomy for elbows that have less than 80° of elbow motion after trauma can restore more than 80° of motion in approximately 90% of patients, but a second surgery for elbow contracture release and/or ulnar nerve dysfunction may be considered in nearly one third.

What are the advantages of elbow capsulectomy for ulnar neuropathy?

One advantage of elbow capsulectomy through a medial approach is that the ulnar nerve is decompressed as part of the procedure.

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