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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capsulectomy and how does it work?

Capsulectomy is an open surgery, which means that it requires a surgical incision. Capsulectomies can be divided into two types: total and subtotal. During a total capsulectomy, a surgeon removes your breast implant and your entire capsule of scar tissue. Your surgeon may remove the implant first before removing the capsule.

What is a capsulectomy breast implant?

With a capsulectomy, a plastic surgeon removes the scar tissue that forms around a breast implant. The implant itself is also usually replaced. A third type of capsulectomy— en bloc capsulectomy —entails surgical removal of the capsule and the implant as one intact unit.

What is an excision of a capsule?

/cap·su·lec·to·my/ (kap″su-lek´tah-me) excision of a capsule, especially a joint capsule or lens capsule. [kap′səlek′təmē] the surgical excision of a capsule, usually the capsule of a joint or of the lens of the eye.

What is a subtotal or partial capsulectomy?

A subtotal or partial capsulectomy only removes part of the capsule. As with a total capsulectomy, your breast implant is likely to be replaced during this type of surgery. A subtotal capsulectomy may not require as large of an incision as a total capsulectomy, so it may leave a smaller scar.

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