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Frequently Asked Questions

What does capsulectomy mean?

A capsulectomy is a procedure where a surgeon removes a capsule such as the tissues surrounding a joint or medical implant for the purpose of treating disease or preparing the patient for another procedure. Plastic surgeons, joint specialists, and ophthalmological surgeons all provide capsulectomies as part of their practices.

What is a capsulotomy of the toe?

A capsulotomy is a surgical procedure done typically during or after a bunionetomy. The surgeon cuts the tendons on the sides of the large toe in order to properly realign the toe. A joint capsule is inserted on the interior side of the toe to adjust the alignment. This allows the surgeon to balance the big toe in relation to the other toes.

What is capsulotomy breast?

Capsulotomy is a procedure in which part of the "capsule" of scar tissue surrounding a breast implant is removed. 1  The procedure is performed as a means of fixing the most common complication of breast augmentation surgery .

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