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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capsulotomia posterior?

Con la capsulotomía posterior, se utiliza un láser para hacer una abertura en la cápsula nublada. Esto permite que la luz pueda atravesar de nuevo para tener una visión clara. No es tejido cicatricial y su catarata no se ha reproducido

What does capsulectomy mean in surgery?

cap·sul·ec·to·my. Removal of a capsule; usually refers to the smooth scar that forms around a biocompatible implant. capsulectomy. As commonly used, the surgical removal of a breast implant (or any capsular implant) and the reactive fibrous tissue that develops around it, which may contract and put pressure on the implant.

What is a cataract surgery with a capsuleotomy?

Capsulotomy. Capsulotomy is a type of eye surgery in which an incision is made into the capsule of the crystalline lens of the eye. In modern cataract operations, the lens capsule is usually not removed. The most common forms of cataract surgery remove nearly all of the crystalline lens but do not remove the crystalline lens capsule...

How much does a total capsulectomy cost in BC?

Dr. Aaron Brown – Plastic Surgeon – Highly Recommended – $7,612 En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy, microsurgery, photos, returns implants, pathology and knowledgeable about BIA-ALCL 2151 McCallum Rd, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada V2S 3N8

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