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Frequently Asked Questions

What does capsulation mean?

Encapsulation can be used to hide data members and members function. Under this definition, encapsulation means that the internal representation of an object is generally hidden from view outside of the object's definition. Typically, only the object's own methods can directly inspect or manipulate its fields.

What does encapsulate mean?

encapsulate(Verb) To cover something as if in a capsule. encapsulate(Verb) To epitomize something by expressing it as a brief summary. encapsulate(Verb) to enclose objects in a common interface in a way that makes them interchangeable, and guards their states from invalid changes.

What causes encapsulation of breast implants?

Encapsulated breast implants have always been a risk in breast augmentation surgeries. The actual cause of capsular contracture remains unknown, although it is speculated to be due to excessive bleeding and biofilm formation on the surface of the implant caused by a low-grade bacterium.

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