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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose katkatmon?

Katmon is an ideal ornamental species for public parks, government offices, as well as private properties. Did you know that native trees are better for our forests than exotic ones? They are more adapted to the tropical environment, strengthen local ecosystem services, and attract more biodiversity.

What does katkatmon look like?

Katmon is small to medium sized evergreen tree about 6-15 meters high with an erect to contorted bole with slight buttresses and smooth, greyish brown and shallowly fissured bark. Leaves are elliptic, large, 12–25 cm long, thick, coraiceous, glabrous and glossy green having serrated margins and prominently penni-veined.

Where can I find katmon in the Philippines?

Katmon Sibuyan (D. sibuyanensis) is one of several Katmon species in the Philippines. It has yellow flowers, while D. philippinensis has white flowers. It can only be found on the island of Sibuyan! Katmon (D. philippinensis) can grow up to 17 meters tall and has beautiful flowers.

What part of the katmon tree is used for traditional medicine?

The Tree, Flower, Fruit and Leaves of Katmon (Dillenia philippinensis). Several parts of the tree including the fruits, leaves, bark and flowers have been frequently used in traditional medicine (BPI, 2010).

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