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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Katcina?

Define katcina. katcina synonyms, katcina pronunciation, katcina translation, English dictionary definition of katcina. or kat·si·na n. 1. Any of numerous deified ancestral spirits of the Pueblo peoples, believed to reside in the pueblo for part of each year.

Why did the katcinas run away from the village?

The Katcinas heard what the people said about wanting to kill them and ran away. West of the village they Jumped from a bluff into a large crack. These were the Snow (Nûva) Katcinas, the Uncle being a Hotóto Katcina.

Where did the hehéa katcinas live?

The Katcinas living in the mountains had fields at the foot of the mountains where they were planting corn and watermelons. Here the Hehéa was hoeing with a wooden hoe (wík'a), still used by the Hehéa Katcinas in their dances. It was early in the morning.

What is capecitabine used for?

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