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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catsup made out of?

Catsup is made up of tomatoes, cayenne, onions, sugar, cloves, white vinegar, celery seed, cinnamon and salt. In UK, ketchup term denotes “red sauce” or “tomato sauce”.

What is the meaning of capsulated?

capsulate - used of seeds or spores that are enclosed in a capsule. capsulated. phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants. enclosed - closed in or surrounded or included within; "an enclosed porch"; "an enclosed yard"; "the enclosed check is to cover shipping and handling".

What are the health benefits of Catsup?

Health Benefits of Catsup. Lycopene is an antioxidant which has vital role in protecting cells. It is able to prevent cancerous cells development and lower damage of free radicals. Moreover, lycopene is also effective in controlling level of cholesterol.

What is the root word of capsulata?

From the New Latin word capsulātus, dating back to 1660–70. See capsule, -ate 1 Did You Know? The shortest, complete sentence in the English language is "Go."

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