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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to icapsulate on Shark Tank?

In case you went through the Australian Shark Tank episode aired on 24th Feb 2017, iCapsulate must be a familiar brand name for you. According to that episode, The CEO of iCapsulate scored the biggest-ever deal in Shark Tank history. The deal was to get a sum of 2.5 Million Dollars in exchange for 22.5% of the company’s equity. What is iCapsulate?

How much is icapsulate worth 2022?

At the Shak, Tank company was valued at 2.5M$ & in 2020. but now in 2022 iCapsulate net worth is less than $100k. less than $100k. is icapsulate still in business? iCapsulate Coffee pod company collapses after being offered the biggest ever Shark Tank deal.

Is icapsulate Kane Bodiam’s business proposal perfect for sharks?

The CEO of iCapsulate Kane Bodiam pitches a perfect business proposition for sharks requesting a whopping 2.5 million dollar investment for the exchange of 15% of the company. As usual, the sharks get taken aback by this proposition as it resembles the biggest shark tank deal if it went through.

What is icapsulate and how does it work?

What is iCapsulate? iCapsulate is an Australian coffee company. They make biodegradable coffee pods that are compatible with Nespresso machines. You can check out their Instagram page. Once you are approved of course because for some unknown reason, their account is private.

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