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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of capsulate?

CAPSULATE. 1. used of seeds or spores that are enclosed in a capsule Familiarity information: CAPSULATE used as an adjective is very rare. • CAPSULATE (verb) The verb CAPSULATE has 1 sense: 1. enclose in a capsule Familiarity information: CAPSULATE used as a verb is very rare.

Who is the augment Kati?

Kati was a genetically engineered Augment from Earth 's 20th century, follower of Khan Noonien Singh, and survivor of the Eugenics Wars. Kati escaped Earth aboard the SS Botany Bay in 1996 .

What happened to Kati Khan in Star Trek?

In 2267, the Botany Bay was discovered in suspended animation by the USS Enterprise, where Kati was one of thirty women among the seventy-two surviving members of Khan's original group of eighty-four. She was initially revived by Khan, whereafter she participated in the attempted takeover of the Enterprise.

What is icapsulate and how does it work?

What is iCapsulate? iCapsulate is an Australian coffee company. They make biodegradable coffee pods that are compatible with Nespresso machines. You can check out their Instagram page. Once you are approved of course because for some unknown reason, their account is private.

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