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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the decidua capsularis?

: the part of the decidua in the pregnant human female that envelops the embryo Common wisdom holds that by the fourth month of human pregnancy the decidua capsularis fuses with the decidua vera, thereby obliterating the uterine cavity. — Carl J. Pauerstein, The Journal of the American Medical Association, 16 Aug. 1985

What does Corchorus capsularis look like?

Corchorus capsularis is an erect, annual herb, with acute leaves, yellow five-petaled flowers and growing to two or more metres in height. It has globular fruits.

What is the difference between capsularis and olitorius?

Fibre made from C. capsularis is whiter and of a higher quality than that made from C. olitorius. The fibre is extracted from the cut stems by retting in water, removing the soft tissue, curing the fibre and drying it. It is used for making sacks, bags, carpets, curtains, fabrics and paper.

What is Corchorus capsularis (jute)?

Corchorus capsularis (jute) is a major crop of the Bengal basin ( Bhattacharya et al., 2014 ). Artificial ecosystems mainly are designed to treat wastewater.

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