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Frequently Asked Questions

What are signs of capsular contracture?

Symptoms of capsular contracture include hardness, swelling and pain in the breast. A capsular contracture will usually develop three months after the implant has been inserted, though it may develop at any time over the lifetime of the implant. Women are sometimes reluctant to report this condition to their doctor.

What does capsular contracture pain feel like?

It’s not unusual for patients to note hardening, distortion, and pain when they develop capsular contractures. This pain is typically described as a dull, achy sensation that accompanies the sensation of tightness.

What causes posterior shoulder pain?

This region contains many structures that can cause pain, including the shoulder joint and various muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Pain often results from injuries to muscles or tendons. It may also be caused by medical conditions, such as arthritis, cancer or even a heart attack.

How and when does capsular contracture happen?

Capsular contracture is a breast augmentation complication that develops when internal scar tissue forms a tight or constricting capsule around a breast implant, contracting it until it becomes misshapen and hard. As a result, the breast may feel painful and stiff, and the capsule may affect the appearance or shape of the breast.

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