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Frequently Asked Questions

What are capsular tension rings (CTRS)?

Mitchell A. Jackson, MD. Capsular tension rings (CTRs), well known to ophthalmic surgeons, are C-shaped devices used to stabilize the capsular bag of the crystalline lens during cataract surgery in eyes with zonular weakness.

When are capsular tension rings not enough?

A standard capsular tension ring alone may not be adequate for eyes with advanced zonular weakness, more than 4 clock hours of zonular loss, or progressive zonulopathy. Such eyes require endocapsular devices that can be scleral fixated, such as modified capsular tension rings or capsular tension segments.

What is a capsular tension segment used for?

A capsular tension segment can be paired with a standard capsular tension ring to provide circumferential support. Capsular retention hooks provide intraoperative capsular bag stabilization for patients with advanced zonular weakness (Figure 1D).

What is a capsular support device used for?

Capsular support devices are important management tools for eyes with zonulopathy. They facilitate safe and successful cataract surgery by improving capsular bag stability and centration. These devices consist of capsular tension rings, modified capsular tension rings, capsular tension segments, and capsular retention hooks (Figure 1).

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