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Frequently Asked Questions

How big should my logo be on my steam capsule?

In most cases, this means your logo should nearly fill the small capsule. Usage: This image appears at the top of the Steam store home page in the Main Capsule carousel. Design: For best results, please use the key art and logo that is being used for any retail boxes or marketing.

What are the requirements for capsule images on my store page?

Store page capsule images should contain a readable product logo/name and have accurate dimensions. Capsule images should not contain URLs or operating system/platform/store logos. Capsule images should have PG-13 appropriate artwork.

How long does it take to set up the aromasteam capsule?

Sets up and disassembles in minutes without tools. Assembles in about 10 minutes.AromaSteam Capsule is made of nonporous materials that do not promote the growth of mold or fungus.

Should I include a menu screen on my Steam store page?

Menu screens should only be included if they are a unique component of your game. Usage: Screenshots are displayed on your store page, and on other pages where your game may be featured such as the Steam homepage. You must provide at least 5 screenshots of your product.

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