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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of capsule staining?

The purpose of capsule staining is to observe bacterial capsule by distinguishing capsular material from the bacteria cell.

Can capsule be positively stained?

Therefore, capsule staining can be done by two methods, namely positive and negative staining methods. Positive staining method either stain a capsule only or stain both the capsule and bacterial cell. The negative staining method stains both the bacterial cell and its background.

What are the signs of capsular contracture?

Symptoms of capsular contracture include hardness, swelling and pain in the breast. A capsular contracture will usually develop three months after the implant has been inserted, though it may develop at any time over the lifetime of the implant. Women are sometimes reluctant to report this condition to their doctor.

What is a capsule staining?

Capsule Stain. Purpose: The capsule stain is a differential stain which selectively stains external capsules surrounding bacterial cells. How it works: Capsules are highly ordered polymers of sugars and proteins that surround some bacterial cells, and can be easily dislodged by heat or water.

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