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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capsular contracture?

Capsular contractures are a potential complication of a breast implant and refers to a tightening and hardening of the capsule that surrounds a breast implant.

Can MRI assess capsular contracture during implant-based reconstruction for breast cancer?

Purpose: Capsular contracture (CC) is a serious complication in patients receiving implant-based reconstruction for breast cancer. Currently, no objective methods are available for assessing CC. The goal of the present study was to identify image-based surrogates of CC using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Can trauma to the breast cause capsular contracture?

Trauma can cause capsular contracture. An MRI is not needed to diagnose it, it's a clinical diagnosis your plastic surgeon can help make. If your breast feels tight,hard and/or painful you may benefit from medical treatment (Singulair) now which could help prevent surgical treatment (implant replacement/capsulectomy).

Which imaging studies are used in the workup of capsular contracture?

On mammography, well-defined hyperdense or heterogeneous density masses may be seen. USG, computed tomography (CT), and MRI can be used to demonstrate the hematoma. Capsular contracture

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