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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix capsular contracture?

A: Breast implant capsular contracture. A medicine called Accolate can help improve contracture in some patients. If the condition is severe or does not improve with Accolate, surgery to remove the hardening and replace the implant is your best option. Taking Accolate after such a surgery can decrease your chances for it happening again.

What are the chances of capsular contracture?

The overall risk of capsular contracture is probably in the 2-10% range but it can vary according to the study and several factors. We do know more about capsular contracture now than ever before. It may be related to a biofilm associated with bacteria.

What are the signs of capsular contracture?

Symptoms of capsular contracture include hardness, swelling and pain in the breast. A capsular contracture will usually develop three months after the implant has been inserted, though it may develop at any time over the lifetime of the implant. Women are sometimes reluctant to report this condition to their doctor.

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