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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of the capsular bag?

The lens capsule, or capsular bag, contains the lens epithelial cells and the fiber cell mass. The epithelial cells are the active and metabolic aspect of the crystalline lens, while the fiber cell mass, composed of a cortex and nucleus, is responsible for the bulk lens phenotype [57].

Can you put human lenses in a capsular bag?

“The ideal is to put the lens in the capsular bag so that the natural bag that held the human lens will now hold the man-made lens. That’s what we do in 99 percent of eyes.

Is the perimeter of the capsular bag elliptical in shape?

These observations could suggest that the perimeter of the capsular bag has an elliptical shape. Therefore, the IOL tends to become fixated in a meridian of the capsular bag that best fits the diagonal diameter of the IOL. Keywords: Capsular Bag, Cataract Surgery, Intraocular Lens, Phacoemulsification Surgery

What is a capsular support device used for?

Capsular support devices are important management tools for eyes with zonulopathy. They facilitate safe and successful cataract surgery by improving capsular bag stability and centration. These devices consist of capsular tension rings, modified capsular tension rings, capsular tension segments, and capsular retention hooks (Figure 1).

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