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Frequently Asked Questions

What does capsule mean in medical terms?

1. an enclosing structure, as a soluble container enclosing a dose of medicine. 2. a cartilaginous, fatty, fibrous, or membranous structure enveloping another structure, organ, or part. adj., adj cap´sular. Capsule. Generalized structure of a synovial joint showing the joint or articular capsule.

What is the use case for usecapsule?

Capsule works seamlessly with popular applications such as G Suite, Mailchimp, Xero and many more. View all integrations. After a tough day, my team can log into Capsule, see their pipeline of orders. It shows their personal impact on the business and on our producers around the world.

What is the articular capsule?

articular capsule the saclike envelope that encloses the cavity of a synovial joint by attaching to the circumference of the articular end of each involved bone. Called also joint capsule.

Why choose capsulæ?

At Capsulæ, all our services are based on high standard scientific and technical skills and a renowned know-how which enables us to meet your demands and the various industrial requirements (both technical and economic) related to microencapsulation.

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