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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Capsula Mundi pod?

An Italian project, Capsula Mundi, offers egg-shaped biodegradable pods, which are similar to a coffin and contain a deceased individual arranged in a fetal position. The pod, like a seed, is then buried in the ground. A tree is planted above it, and its roots draw nutrients from the pod to grow.

Is this Capsula Mundi the perfect casket for Ashes?

The Capsula Mundi for ashes. Italian designers Raoul Bretzel and Anna Citelli might have a solution. They call it Capsula Mundi – “world’s capsule” in Latin – and it’s an egg-shaped, organic casket that’s suitable for ashes, too.

How is the Capula Mundi buried?

Similarly to planting any other plant, the Capula is buried like a seed into the earth. A tree, which you can choose, will be planted onto of it. The founders of Capula Mundi’s goal is to create multiple biodegradable urn tree cemeteries.

Are Capsula Mundi laws different around the world?

According to Anna and Raoul, Capsula Mundi laws will differ from country to country. In some case, rules will vary within one country. In the United States, green burials are legal, but you should check with your local government for zoning rights for urn burials.

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