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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Capsule Corporation?

The corporation is based around, and takes its name from, the Hoi-Poi Capsules (also known as DynoCaps) invented by Dr. Brief himself. The Capsule Corporation headquarters, which is also the Brief family 's home, is located in West City, with its address being WST 3338926 K.

What does the Capsule Corporation logo look like?

The Capsule Corporation logo. The Capsule Corporation logo is very simple, with just being two letters "C" and the company name. The logo is worn by the Capsule Corporation workers. Android 16 wears the Capsule Corporation logo over his Red Ribbon logo after being fixed by Bulma and her father.

Why capsule medical device information platform?

Liberate your healthcare data with the Capsule Medical Device Information Platform. The Capsule MDIP increases patient visibility, improves collaboration between care teams, simplifies clinical workflows, and gives caregivers more time with patients. Making the complex simple and the simple insightful just became easier.

What is Capsule Corp's primary product?

Although Capsule Corp's primary product is the DynoCaps technology, the company also develops and produces many of the items found within capsules. This can be seen by vehicles and other items bearing the Capsule Corporation logo.

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