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Frequently Asked Questions

Can caprylic acid get rid of Candida?

By taking caprylic acid candida may become a problem of the past. Researchers have found that this fatty acid taken orally rapidly reduces symptoms associated with viral and fungal infections like Candida and Chlamydia.

Does caprylic acid raise cholesterol?

The study recommended considering caprylic acid as an alternative treatment for bacterial infections. Caprylic acid is a medium-chain fatty acid. These fatty acids have been proven to have a positive effect on lowering high cholesterol. A 2006 animal study

What is C8 MCT oil?

Pure C8 MCT Oil is a higher purity MCT oil made from concentrated Caprylic Acid (also known as C8). The higher purity of this oil (99.8%) eliminates odor and taste, while also reducing the typical gut symptoms experienced with MCT oils. Read this in depth article on Caprylic Acid (C8).

Does caprylic acid cause liver damage?

Liver disease: Caprylic acid is broken down by the liver. There is some concern that people with liver disease might not be able to break down caprylic acid. This might cause blood levels of caprylic acid to increase. However, other research suggests that people with liver disease are still able to break down caprylic acid.

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