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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Camelback Resort?

Camelback Inn (officially titled: JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort and Spa) is a historic resort and spa owned by JW Marriott Hotels and located on the southern slope of Mummy Mountain in Paradise Valley, Arizona, United States.

Where is Camelback Resort located?

On the "Little Caesar" trail. 16. Camelback Mountain Resort is a ski and snowboard resort located in the Pocono Mountains region in Pocono Township and Jackson Township, Monroe County, Pennsylvania, adjacent to, and partially within Big Pocono State Park.

When was Camelback Resort built?

Camelback Mountain Resort. The resort was opened in December 1963. The mountain summit receives an average of 50 in (127 cm) of snowfall each winter. It has minimal snowmaking facilities on ski slopes, primarily relying on portable snow guns to create snow, and is 100% lit for night skiing.

Is Camelback open?

Camelback Mountain is officially open from sunrise to sunset, and so “parking after hours” isn’t limited to hikers who’ve overstayed their welcome after the sun has gone down. … Midnight hikers and stargazers have been caught, too. How long does it take to get to the top of Camelback Mountain? Camelback Mountain Hike – Cholla Trail

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