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Frequently Asked Questions

What company owns CamelBak?

CamelBak water bottles, Bell bicycle helmets, Giro ski goggles — these products are all owned by Vista Outdoor, which includes gun and ammo makers among its brands and has a strong connection to the National Rifle Association.

What to pack in my CamelBak?

tissues are good to have cause there is a lot of dirt being kicked up where there isn't flooring down and it helps to have them just in case. try and get some diffraction glasses too (they make the lights and lasers look crazier than they already will be Diffraction glasses! Yessss, so much fun. I like bringing the small wet wipe packs.

How do I Stop my CamelBak from leaking?

How do you fix a leak in a CamelBak water bottle? Turn the cap over, and look under the round, grey, rubber flap. If you carefully peel back the rubber seal and clean out the inner workings of the vent valve, the leak should stop .

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