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Frequently Asked Questions

What are California State laws?

California law is made up of laws, acts, and statutes that govern the state of California in the United States. California law comes from the state’s constitution, legislation enacted by the California Legislature, the California Code of Regulations, and case law.

Is ca a state that has statutory?

Only a few states provide statutory will forms. They are: California, Maine, Michigan, New Mexico, and Wisconsin. If your state does not have a statutory will form, you should not use one from another state. Instead, find a you-it-yourself product that fits your needs.

What is California State law regarding rear end?

If you are involved in an automobile accident in which your vehicle is rear-ended, most of the time, the driver that hit your car from behind will be determined to be at fault, no matter why you stopped. Fault is not codified into the State of California vehicle code. Therefore, the police determine fault when they issue their accident report.

What are California State employment laws?

California labor laws require that employers provide employees with a meal period of no less than a 30-minute when they work more than five (5) consecutive hours (more than six (6) hours for employees in the motion picture industry in specific situations).

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