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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the c961 display made of?

Appearance and size Material & color The C961 display is made of ABS and is designed to perform well under -20º to 60 º C. Available colors: Black, White. Size (Unit: mm) Functions & buttons Functions The C961 offers many functions for your riding pleasure.

What is the Bafang c961 display?

The Bafang C961 display unit is a sturdy and reliable black and white Bafang LCD display. * Please note, the C961 Display is NOT waterproof. Please do not store the display outdoors as water damage could cause the display to stop working.

How do I Turn on the c961’s backlight?

Backlight Press and hold  to turn on the C961’s backlight screen. If a front light is configured as well, this will switch it on as well if front light available.

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