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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between USVI and BVI?

The British Virgin Islands are a British Overseas territory while the U.S. Virgin Islands are a territory of the United States, meaning you will find the culture and customs of the two island groups similar but distinctive.

Why do business in the BVI?

One reason a person might use it for international business activity because it avoids certain taxes . In addition, a BVI offshore companies has strict confidentiality provisions and a flexible organizational structure. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) joined the world of offshore banking in the mid 1980's.

What is the currency in the BVI?

Both the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands use the North American dollar system. Due to the close proximity of the BVI to the USVI, there is much trade between the 2 countries. That’s the reason the US Dollar (USD) has been the official currency of the BVI since 1959.

Where is Scrub Island BVI?

Scrub Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands is the main draw to all of Scrub Island, a 230-acre isle just north of Tortola, where the nearest airport is located.

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