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Frequently Asked Questions

Can diabetics eat burritos?

Yes, diabetics can eat burritos, too. Go grocery shopping/To St. Paul Farmer's Market Gather items & label for this week's garage sale I'm a little scared to go grocery shopping. Yup! We like to swim upstream. :) We cut up all of our credit cards. Living off a zero-balance budget is freeing!

Is Mexican food good for diabetics?

The Count: 443 calories, 48 g carbs Lean beef and black beans make this Mexican dish a good option for a diabetic diet. The fiber in the beans can help lower blood cholesterol and control blood sugar.

How many carbs are in a burrito?

Before one bite of burrito, you can get 98 grams of carbs and 810 calories in a basket of chips and salsa. If you're trying to slim down and eat less sodium, like many people with diabetes, the burrito adds 950 calories.

Are corn tortillas good for diabetics?

Why Corn Tortillas are Better for Diabetics Flour tortillas average about 18g carbs each and only 1g of fiber. A meal of 3 tacos with four tortillas would be a staggering 54 carbs!

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