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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Andrew and William not in the royal family?

And as both Andrew and William have been stripped of their honourary military titles, it was believed they would be considered ineligible. But now, it looks as if they will qualify simply for being members of the Royal Family.

Is the Queen going to give medals to members of the royal family?

But she will also reportedly give a medal to members of the royal family even if they do not carry out any official duties, such as Meghan Markle.

Where are Kate and William going to live in 2022?

Duchess Kate and Prince William will likely have a pretty full slate of events in 2022 (especially if the pandemic decides not to ruin everything per usual), and are apparently considering moving to Windsor to both be closer to the Queen, and their busy life in London (where Prince George and Prince Charlotte currently attend school). Read more ...

Is the Duke of Edinburgh trying to get the case thrown out?

The Duke vehemently denies the allegations and had been trying to have the civil case in the US thrown out before it can go to a trial.

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