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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose our BPR group?

Our BPR group provides financial solutions in the form of Consumer Loans and Small & Micro Business Loans to support the provincial economy and improve the welfare of the communities in which the BPR is located.

Who is basebpr group?

BPR Group is the commercial recycling expert dedicated to transforming the future of resource management, today. Founded by Friends of the Earth in 1988 and now a standalone company, we’re born environmentalists.

What does 100% BPR mean for your business?

The possibility of 100% BPR means a business can continue unscathed on the death of its proprietor. BPR can apply to transfers of value of 'relevant business assets'. Relevant business assets, together with the applicable rates of relief, are: a business or an interest in a business - 100% relief

Is band D a holding company for BPR?

However, the most recent correspondence confirmed that if Band D simply held shares in the subsidiaries and undertook no other activities, they would still be regarded as wholly or mainly holding companies for BPR purposes it is not unusual for holding companies to make intra-group loans to their subsidiaries in preference to bank lending.

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