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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy BP stock?

Valuation is also important, so investors should note that BP has a Forward P/E ratio of 6.97 right now. Its industry sports an average Forward P/E of 7.79, so we one might conclude that BP is trading at a discount comparatively. Also, we should mention that BP has a PEG ratio of 0.52.

Is BP stock a 'buy' now?

With oil hovering around $70 for the last month, BP appears to be safe there. Its stock remains attractive, largely due to the healthy 9 percent dividend it pays out, costing it about $10 billion a year, though Sens. Chuck Schumer and Ron Wyden are now urging BP to suspend those dividend payments.

Should I Sell my BP stock?

Should I buy, sell or hold BP (LSE: BP) shares ... published its ambitious plan to help the organisation transition away from hydrocarbons. To my mind, BP shares look more attractive now that this plan has been published. To be blunt, I think that if ...

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